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SF novel by Arthur C. Clarke.

A Fall of Moondust is a very exciting and dynamic novel. While fairly weak in the scientific aspect of sf, it is very good at the fictional aspect. Clarke's characters interact splendidly, and the plot is entirely believable, even though the principle on which it is founded is untrue.

The idea is that parts of the Moon are composed of a sea of dust (this is pre-Apollo) and that boats can cruise on top of the dust. The important part of the story comes when a tourist ship suddenly sinks, but the people inside are still alive because the ship is not pierced or compromised. This creates an engineering problem for the rescuers, and a social problem for the victims: akin to being stuck in a lift (or elevator for you Americans) for a few days, albeit a large lift with adequate food, water, and sewage disposal.

One of the best features of the book is the many twists in the plot. One moment, all of the victims are dying, the next, they are saved. They do get emotional occasionally as well.

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