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Truly Madly Deeply Fallen Quest Awards

lizardinlaw: Ok, how about 20GP for participating (so then graceness would get 20 for posting Lord Brawl's) and
10GP for each write up
and 15 GP for moeyz for participating in the face of insanity in meat space
and 15 GP to Lord Brawl who actually grokked the Quest

I get 2 GP for writing the most confusing quest ever

and us judges each get 10 GP for judging...

Tem, is that ok? I want to wait to hear from you and KissThis and DustyBlue
Anything else oh fellow judges KissThis and DustyBlue?
KissThis says: I think your GP distribution sounds perfect. Though you should get 3.50 GP LOL

Tem42: says re Fallen Quest Awards: This sounds good. It might be nice to make it 15 for each writeup, just to round it up to an average of 50 gp for participant, but I'm not sure why I like 50 better than 40... my numerology is showing.

Crazy Steve and Bonkers Betty from Down and Out in Gotham City and Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, written by Lord Brawl, posted by Lord Brawl and graceness;

Dale and an unnamed crush from Love Will Tear Us Apart and With or Without You... but I prefer the latter, written by Lord Brawl, posted by Lord Brawl and TheGrocersApostrophe;

The future begins now and a red-headed woman talking on a phone in a room by moeyz, both posted by moeyz

a red-headed woman talking on a phone in a room written by etouffee and posted by etouffee

Now, IF I have that right, awards are as follows:
participants 20 GP each: Lord Brawl, graceness, moeyz and etouffee (TheGrocersApostrophe is a sock puppet so does not get additional GP)

writeups 15 GP each:
Lord Brawl gets 4 x 15
moeyz 2x 15
etouffee 15

Lord Brawl gets 15 GP for "Grokking the Quest"
moeyz gets 15 GP for "participating in the face of insanity in meat space"

lizardinlaw, Dustyblue and KissThis get 10 GP for judging and also 10 to Tem42 for helping me with my first Quest

and lizardinlaw, moi, gets 2 GP for "most confusing quest ever, I mean, to date on everything2"

totals: Lord Brawl: 95
moeyz: 65
etouffee: 35
graceness: 20

lizardinlaw: 12
DustyBlue: 10
KissThis: 10
Tem42: 10

And many thanks everyone for participating and judging and for all the noders who VOTED!!

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