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lyrics by Jacob8er, music by SIXFINGER I'll look the other way again, while you try to take me
Something is kinda wierd, but you refuse to see
And it's easy to greet you in these small places
And it's easy to smile through these false faces
How can a man see when he's stuck in the middle of
these pastic entities ? They're molded all together!
The radius of a circle is not equal the sum of it!
Broken and brittle, and put it back together!
I'll look the other way again, through this transaction
Charge or will you cash for physical attraction?
And it's easy to lie to you in these small places
Getting easier to fuck you with these false faces

I wrote this song one day after flipping through an US magazine. I came to the utter realization that everyone in the magazine was a beautifully airbrushed person, and the thought of "the man" pedaling all this prosthetic, unnatural flesh forced me to write. I liked the way it came out, because most of the lyrics I've written in the past, or even more recently have been science fiction based (see Whiskey Hallow) and it felt good to be able to express something I care about... I mean, other than the relevance of Alien 3.

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