The Florida Attorney Generals office - concerned about consumer rights - now requires that all telephone psychics employed by the Fort Lauderdale based Psychic Readers Network swear and sign a notarized statement that they are indeed psychic.

Those who are later found to NOT be psychic will be charged with perjury.

After multiple complaints about services provided by the Psychic Readers Network, the Attorney Generals office and the firm reached an out of court legal agreement last week.

Several private attorneys were openly critical of the news.

``It's going to be virtually unenforceable,'' said Bill Amlong, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer who specializes in employment law. ``I know of no law that protects psychics, certified or uncertified. If you're psychic, you would know if you're going to get fired.''

Bob Buchner, an Assistant Attorney General in Fort Lauderdale said his office did not plan at this time to test for psychic powers.

Source: Miami Herald, October 4th 2000.

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