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A variation on the concept of fantasy sports. Founded by three guys in Denver in 1999.

A player("political consultant")can join an existing league or create their own. Once in a league, they can select a roster of candidates from all registered national election candidates (presidential, house, and senate).

Candidates are assigned points for dollars raised and for winning primaries and general elections. The player with the most points in their league at the end of the election wins their league.

The rules set requirements for how many challenger candidates versus how many incumbent candidates you have in your roster.

The intent was to make a game that would encourage people to pay more attention to the political races, and potentially offer it to schools as a teaching tool to get kids involved in the political process. The possibility of adding state governor's races, state legislature races, and so on to an ever more local level has been proposed, as well as the possibility of adding national legislation (which would encourage participation outside the election season).

Currently the website is down, a hardware failure coincided with the dot bomb nicely enough that nothing has yet been done to bring it back online.

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