Fantasy Flight Games is a game production company that started as a comic company in Minnesota. Their plan was to publish high quality comics in both North America and Europe. Their prototype product was a comic called Lucky Luke around 1994. Originally the plan was to name the company Pegasus Publishing but with so many like names they went with Fantasy Flight Publishing. The fresh college grads finished their fifty-page business plan and started to raise the $150,000 needed for the company. As they collected investors they worked odd jobs, mainly Orange Julius. Finally, after discovering the brutal business world first hand, Fantasy Flight Publishing took flight on July 15, 1995. By fall of 1995 the comic market was crashing around them and thus a new business plan was needed. As of May 1996 the company was flying solo. While touring trade shows with Lucky Luke, CEO Christian Petersen thought more about developing his game idea Twilight Imperium. Finally, still amidst near doom for the company, a prototype of the game was produced.

In May of 1997 the road turned as Twilight Imperium was actually published. Between this and spring of 1998 FFG produced Golfmania, Nocturnum: Long Shades, and Distant Suns (expansion for Twilight Imperium). During that year Mr. Petersen realized game publishing was the way to go. To date FFG has produced many dice, board, and role-playing games including an RPG based on Twilight Imperium. What follows is a list of some of the better-known FFG board and card games:

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