Voted America's Favorite Fry by some survey taken years ago that no one's actually seen, these are the smallest of the fries I will be evaluating here. Very crispy on the outside, but not a whole lot of potato on the inside, due to the smallness of the actual fry. When salted, these fries are great. Unsalted, you find that the fry itself has very little taste. When cold, these fries lose all previous crispiness.

Hot, salty- 8/10
No salt, hot- 4/10
Cold, salty- 6/10
Cold, no salt- 2/10


Thickest of the fast food fries, these have much potato crammed into every fry. Normally, these have a good length of about 5 inches. Without salt, the fry has plenty of flavor, but the flavor is improved with salt. Wendy's doesn't salt their fries a whole lot, but if you empty one of the salt packets that comes with your meal, these turn into the best fries period in the industry. When cold, Wendy's fries tend to congeal to their uncooked forms slightly, making them thicker. It still isn't all that bad though.

Hot, salty- 10/10
No salt, hot- 7/10
Cold, salty- 6/10
Cold, no salt- 4/10

Arby's Curly Fries

Seasoned with pepper and cayenne, Arby's Curly Fries are the spiciest of the fries, even though they aren't too spicy at all. Arby's adds no salt to their curly fries, so the fry is enjoyed in it's purest form at all times. The potato content of this fry is average, nothing special, yet the fry has much more total potato than the others because the curly shape tends to produce very very long fries. The fry box they come in is fairly small, so usually there will be around 2 good long fries in a box, with the rest being small cut-offs of other fries. These are abysmal when cold, since they're slightly spicy. When microwaved, these fries become extremely hot and much spicier than when they are fresh.

Hot- 8/10
Cold- 1/10

Arby's Homestyle Fries

Arby's has left the skin of the potato on these fries, so even unsalted, these taste very potato-y. Salt adds little to the flavor of these fries, so these are perfect for someone with a low-salt restriction on their diet. Just make sure to ask for them without salt. These fries are slightly smaller than their Wendy's counterparts, but they never flop around like Wendy's fries do. These fries are the crispiest of all on the outside.

Hot, salted- 9/10
No salt, hot- 8/10
Cold, salted- 3/10
Cold, unsalted- 2/10

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