The principal villain from the 1990s children's show "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers". He was grey and purple, IIRC, and he was always planning some plan or another to add to his already vast wealth or already strong control over society and the flow of resources. He sure was creative.

A fat cat also refers to any person in a position of comfortable power, with gads of material wealth.

Too, a feline which is obese, but that is silly.

Large mute cat and television star, with furry yellow hair and green lederhosen. He is found on channel seven in Western Australia - other Australian kids are not familiar with him.

For over thirty years, every night Fat Cat wishes the children of Perth, Australia good night, when he is put to bed invariably by his mother to the strains of a lullaby. Moments later channel seven broadcasts starts broadcasting for more mature audiences. Fat Cat has also compared various after school and Saturday morning cartoon line-ups, but his inability to speak restricts his figurehead role to picking viewer letters from a barrel Pick me Fat Cat !

The cat is actually not that fat; apparently his initials are F.A.T. (Francis Aloysius Thomas Cat). And he is rumoured to be just a heavy-set suit with an actor inside.

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