Father of the Pride is a new CG animated TV show on NBC, from Dreamworks Entertainment. It is a comedy, and stars a family of white lions that work with Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas.

The main characters are Larry and Kate the lions, along with their children Sierra and Hunter. Sarmoti*, Kate's father, is also present most of the time, always ready to inject a crass remark or amusing anecdote. Also present are Snack the hyperactive gopher, Blake and Victoria, the snooty white tigers, and of course caricatures of Siegfried and Roy themselves, who are made out to look eccentric and quite zany.

The show, despite its cute fluffy animals, is aimed at an adult audience, and is peppered with jokes, adult situations, and references your typical youngster isn't going to get. It was threatened when Roy Horn was mauled by Montecore the white tiger in late 2003, but Roy insisted that the show go on.

The cast has a few famous people among it:

John Goodman as Larry
Cheryl Hines as Kate
Orlando Jones as Snack
Carl Reiner as Sarmoti

* - "Sarmoti" is an inside joke; the letters stand for Siegfried And Roy, Masters Of The Impossible, which is the name of the former magic show.

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