Okay, so you're a father. You figure you can change a couple of token diapers, advise her on buying her first car, and then at some point walk her down the aisle, and your parental responsibilities are over. You could get away with it too; many dads do. But if you're interested in seriously contributing to the life of your female spawn, there is something you can do.

Teach her how to throw a ball. It won't turn her into a tomboy, but it will give her opportunities denied to many girls who in the schoolyard, make fools of themselves, by throwing like girls. These girls, who get shafted when a pick-up game of baseball comes up, often turn away from sports forever, and become the type of women who think it's okay to talk through the Superbowl. Is that the type of daughter you want?

I have friends who, to this day, are bitter at their fathers for not teaching them how to throw. For most girls, it just isn't something that comes naturally. I remember my tee-ball coach teaching me the correct way to throw a ball. I was amazed. I thought it was just the boys who could actually get the ball to the infield without a cutoff man. After that day I never felt inferior on the field or playground ever again. That's quite a gift to give a young girl.

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