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Fax +49-69/450464, more commonly known as Fax, is a German record label formed in 1992 by the electronic music artist Pete Namlook, who at the time was unable to find a label interested in releasing his unconventional music. The label has grown from its humble beginnings in 92 into one of the most widely known publishers of ambient music, featuring such (relatively) notable artists as: Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue, Bill Laswell, Mix Master Morris, Jonah Sharp, and of course the man himself, Pete Namlook.

To call Fax's output prolific would be an understatement: Namlook alone has released over 180(!!) albums through Fax and the label typically churns out a new album every fortnight. Of course, with such a high volume of ambient music flowing out of Fax there are many, many albums of meandering, unfocused, uninteresting and completely unessential music. If one were to take a random sampling of Fax albums they might be led to the conclusion that the label isn't worth their time, but they'd be making a horrible mistake -- there are definitely some treasures to be found in the Fax catalog. I've found the ratio to be approximately one album of achingly beautiful ambience for every 4 mediocre (but still somewhat interesting) albums. Fortunately, to aid in finding the treasures of the Fax label, the web site 2350.org provides a searchable index of user written reviews of albums.

If you're interested in the Fax label or ambient music in general, I'd recommend the following albums as examples of the best (IMO, obviously) of what Fax has to offer:

The official Fax web site can be found at http://music.hyperreal.org/labels/fax

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