Born in 1941 into a military family, the young Faye Dunaway spent her early years being moved around from one Army base to another. By the age of 21 she was well known as an actress in reperatory theatre and in 1967 gained instant worldwide fame with her role as Bonnie to Warren Beatty's Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde. For this, her Hollywood debut, she gained an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, and won a BAFTA for Most Promising Newcomer.

She appeared in a large variety of movies and television work after this, including the classic 70s disaster movie The Towering Inferno, but it was in 1974 with Chinatown that she reprised her earlier success, and gained another Oscar nomination. Two years later she appeared in Sidney Lumet's Network for which she finally won a Best Actress Oscar.

In the 80s and 90s Faye has appeared in a variety of good and not-so-good films and television works. She carried off the role of Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest wonderfully but other parts have not been so memorable. Now one of Hollywood's Grand Dames, Faye Dunaway still has a reputation for being something of a prima donna on set, resulting in a number of awkward run-ins.

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