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Driving through bright and sunny Cookeville, TN one can happen on all kinds of oddity. It's almost as if the designer decided "to hell with this" and sailed off to Tahiti with the city planning money. But don't think that stopped the good ol' folk of Cookeville, oh no no, they just trudge right along building here and there. Well, time passes and the city worked out it's differences--at the Darwin Market there is a Christian Science store, and other such religious places. But most perplexing for me has been a little outhouse named Faye.

The first time I ever took note of the little 3 by 3 by 7 building, all I could think of was FAYE! The name is imprinted in large, bold, white letters with it's blue background. It became a sort of land mark on the way to McDonald's... yum! Sitting, solidary, just waiting for someone to take interest... and I suppose someone did, because one day driving to the golden arches, I looked, and it was gone. Just like that--a mirage in the desert wastelands of Cookeville that vanished without trace.

To this day I hunt for Faye. Every outhouse is carefully scrutinized over for the perhaps faded big block lettering and the plastic blue background--door just slightly ajar. If you're out there Faye, I'll find you.

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