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Valentine's day!
Stop noding and go smooch with the one you love (or the best looking person you can find that you will not feel bad about dumping tommorow).
Today I purchased lingerie, two sizes too small for my SO. BAD BAD mistake. I hope they exchange items. *sigh*

Oh, today is the day that NASA managed to get its thingy in orbit with eros, a bloody great asteroid.

Today would have been more boring if I had not suddenly remembered that Everything 2 existed, and spent most of my day at work messing around on it.

Help!!! I'm a prisoner in Win95!!!

I'm in the middle of encoding and e-mailing some MP3s, both activities are proceeding at a snail's pace, a dead snail's pace. On top of that, my RealPlayer is exhibiting a 6.x series bug that requires a reboot to work around; I can't reboot until after the encoding and e-mailing. So I'm listening to RealAudio on Windows Media Player, probably wasting more precious CPU cycles than the RealPlayer. And I can't shut down WMP, because that would probably sever my internet connection and halt the sending of the current MP3; my workaround for my crappy ISP software and my crappier (but now secure!) Dial-Up Networking is to have an audio stream going whenever I connect via Windows.

And I'm now getting this recurring dialog box, telling me

There is not enough space for the system registry file C:\WINDOWS\USER.DAT

This has resulted from my sending the e-mails (.tmp files clogging up what remains of my meager C:), so I need to work on that, perhaps starting over, perhaps waiting until I can do this from Linux. But for now, I'm trying to delete or remove long-forgotten apps from the C: partition. If I just start over again, will that speed up the process?I don't know.

I tried to download and run BitchX for Windows, so I could visit #everything, but there's trouble with that as well; to investigate the problem is beyond my patience right now (I can't even find a damn README so far), but I'll get that thing working shortly. Yeah, right.

Aside from all that, everything's fine. Except that I've barely slept.

I long to see a bash prompt again.

Got pretty presents from my significant other.

A big fluffy white teddy bear, who I named Allison.
A nice lavender scented candle to be used during a relaxing bubble bath.
And a nighty, slightly see-through...

Did some serious cuddling before bedtime...

Very nearly managed to sleep through this entire day, being conscious only for the last four hours or so when I recalled that I had to get some faxes sent to a literary magazine by midnight.

Next year I'm going for the whole 24 hours, baby!

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

First day at my old GoodJob(tm). The kids applauded me for being back; I'm a rockstar.

Went to Pete's lovely new house and got real small and watched bits of a lot of DVDs which blurred toghter in my fluid frame of refernce, a quilt of subversive faces. Pete's snoring was hazing me over anyway and then when the director wouldn't stop talking I fell asleep to get away from him. Woke up hours later, too hot, what is my back pressed against, not a boy, certainly. turn over, look, it wasn't a dream.

You know what would make me happy....? You know what would make my Valentine's Day complete?.....it goes a little something like this:

For me to get all my friends back.....from the last two years. For me to be able to drive only half an hour to see my in-laws. For pushy old broads to go blow themselves where the Pampers are. For people to stop hijacking my 'puter every night. For me to get the hell out of Florida. For me to sell these goddamn paintings. For me to have been there more for my grandmother, or at least have the chance. For my family...everywhere, be it AZ or FL to have an easier go of it financially. For me to get laid more than once every 2-3 months. For these tests to not come out positive anymore. (ironic, ain't it?)

And finally, the end-all be-all, for my husband to get his head out of his ass and realize the fuckin' planet does not revolve around him. My lights actually got turned out. The phone was turned off. Gran died, WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU? I am not all right, this is not all right. Don't you even THINK of giving me a guilt trip. And get over the past. You made your bed......Fine, got to NY, I'll handle reality from here. ARE YOU LISTENING YET???

Happy fuckin' Valentine's. No, I don't want anything candy coated....I'm going to MY causeway. Hold all of my calls.

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