We had a Rotary visioning meeting Saturday. Four hours. There were a couple things that made it difficult.

The result is that Sunday I was tired. A friend and her daughter came over and we made belated valentines, with paper and tape and stamps. I no longer have gluesticks in the house with my daughter in college. It was sunny so we went for a long walk from the boatyard along the bike path. We turned and walked downtown for ice cream. And back. They dropped me at home at around 2pm.

I lay down for a nap on the couch. I slept until 7, got up and ate a piece of fruit, and went to bed. And slept until four. Awake with headache, slight nausea, and a stiff neck. And I am working today because we rescheduled all the people who couldn't get out in the snow last week to today.

It is going to be very tricky to do the Rotary job I've signed up for without getting sick.

I feel better than when I woke up. Time to circle the wagons and only do the things I really have to get done. This chronic fatigue shit sucks. I am starting to really exercise again, but I have to sleep 10-12 hours when I do. Healing mode. Still, I am lucky because I have such a mild case that I can get out of bed and work. And have a life. Spoons, indeed.

I pulled my right iliopsoas last week. I can see the Netter Anatomy book picture in my mind: half the muscle is attached to the inside of the iliac crest, growing into the bone. The other half is attached to the five lumbar spine bones on the inside. The two muscle bellies come together and wrap through the groin to attach at the other end to the femur. This pair of muscles is for lifting the the thigh and pulling it medially. I iced it. Except it's a bit hard to ice through the spine and through the pelvis, right? Stiffest two days after the injury and what is hardest? Putting on my socks and lifting the right leg to get in the car. Driving a clutch is not terribly fun either.

It is getting better steadily: a month to six weeks to fully heal. Don't do anything stupid during that time.

I want to build my muscles back up, and I have clinic, and writing, and the Rotary.... I will have to make choices. Want to do everything, silly of me.

It has been a busy time going through orientation in the underground world called Hades in which I am now a resident. Yes, your friend Behr has moved his residence permanently from Baltimore, adoptive home after having to flee Berlin in the early 1970s due to Brezhnev and his antics (which were deplorable if I do say so myself). Antics aside, my orientation has been busy.

Yesterday we met the ambassador from the above ground world, Mike Pence with whom I shared a skewer of live babies roasted over an open flame. They are kept alive by the magic of Hades throughout the cooking and the eating, to emerge as new babies from our bums. This is a favorite activity of the ambassador when he visits. That was not a part of the orientation but a bonus because I work for Joan Crawford's unit and she knows how to get what she wants out of The Big Guy. She has her ways. Special ways I approve of 150%.

We learned about all the many ways we can torture and torment people who are unable to die due to Hades magic and therefore we can prolong their suffering and deepen it as much as we want without lose of life or interference from Obama era FBI agents who interfere with your business activities in ways I definitely do NOT approve of. I have a special vat of heads of doctors who practiced the false science of "medical science" and I stir them in my boiling piss every ten minutes. It is the most fun I've ever had without actually ending a life while the child's family looked on while I was still above ground. Nothing will ever touch the first high I got from doing that. They call it chasing the dragon around here. Once you really push the limits it never feels quite as enjoyable the next time around.

We also learned about technology of a non-scientific variety (science is not allowed in Hades and scientists are always tortured and every last scientist that ever lived is here because of the wrongness of science) and how to use it in our torturing. We had one thing where we used a television show to force families to watch a loved one severely mistreated by mentally disturbed gym teachers for hours while not being able to move or shut their eyes. Even the acrid smell of their loved one's skin burning was transmitted through the Hades magic television set.

So, busy times here and I hope you are doing well and have given up liberalism to join the correct thinking people like me in pursuing correct thoughts about correct things (like I do).

My friends.

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