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It is still 02/02/2020 in my time zone as I write this. My 65th birthday is winding down and it seems appropriate to put down some random observations. The weather today was very fine and I was able to get a few things done outside. The overwintering compost was turned and watered and the tarps put back in place. I also have been forking over a plot of soil that is next to the west end privacy fence. I have had it tarped for months to kill off the bermuda grass that is in my sod. There's another weed that I used to admire (locally called "spring beauty") that has turned very invasive in my garden. It is one of the Claytonia family that re-seeds and the little tubers are really hard to get rid of. For all of the above, I'm trying to use occultation by opaque tarp plus removal by hand. The hand removal isn't hard, just tedious and slow.

I feel very fortunate to have my health. My immune system is good and I am taking no medications. It feels like cheating fate sometimes but it does make me feel gratitude for each day. I remember figuring out as a child of about 7 years that I would turn 45 when the year 2000 came and I was so excited that I completely forgot that there would be other years to come after that. Seriously!

This platform is good for me in so many ways. I know it isn't perfect. For the record, when I didn't log in for ten years it wasn't a "rage quit" or anything of that sort. I decided to spend my time online building an income. It only took me ten years to figure out that it's a whole lot easier to spend money online than to make it. Everyone is selling a "system" to make you rich. I returned humbled and ready to learn. Let's begin.

I'm still taking care of a two year old full time and we seem to both be doing fine with that. He is a happy little boy and enjoyable to have around. He also takes a two to three hour nap every day and I'm grateful for that, too.

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