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Have you noticed that as the winter drags into late February and the ground remains frozen, many people have just plain turned into tantrum throwing little bitches?

I suppose that this prevalent state of mood may be attributable to the effects of cabin fever or not getting enough sunlight or whatever...

...believe that I am succumbing to it as well.

I am sick of winter.

I am sick of working twelve hour shifts.

I am sick of my co-workers bitchiness. Their tendency to fly off the handle with increasingly disturbing violence.

I hate, no I loathe that some people feel that they have the God given right to vent hatred, hostility and frustration in public (I freely admit that I am not without sin on that charge, and that I am stoning myself).

Bad moods are just as contagious as a cold or the flu or mouth herpes. I think that if you have a piss poor mood and cannot keep from spreading that shit around, keep your bitchy ass at home.

Buy a box of finishing nails and find an old stump and go to town in the privacy of your own company.

Take a nap, you big titty-baby, and rejoin society when you are feeling better...oh dear...

...I have been infected! I am ranting in public!

Oh, horrors, the Moody Little Bitch germ has infected me!

Well it is off to the convalescent home for me! Time to curl up into bed with the dog, some dark chocolate to keep the Dementors away and hibernate until springtime. I wish!

Think happy thoughts, Stuart, Happy thoughts. Springtime is just around the corner. I know just the thing: I will go down to the basement and get out the box of 7" punk rock records that my wife and I collected when we were teenagers.

Let’s see..The Bollweevils...The Mushuganas...Apocalypse Hoboken...The 4-Squares...Silence...Operation Ivy...Voodoo Glow Skulls...Cap'n Jazz...Not Rebecca...Boris The Sprinkler...88 Fingers Louie...7 Seconds...Slapstick...The Vindictives...Ah, here we are!

Back in the day there was a punk rock band in the Chicago area called The Fighters. In 1994 they put out The Rambling Boys of Pleasure, a split 7" record with another band called Winepress on Rocco Records. On this record is a song called "March 5th" which tells a tale of an unusually spring like day; a "fucking awesome day".

It is sunny and warm; all the winter's snow is melting. Our storyteller has a day off from work so he takes a train downtown and observes that all of his fellow riders' spirits are equally uplifted. He walks to a park which he finds occupied by girls of unprecedented "awesomeness." He picks a flower for one of the girls and does not even mind that, on such a day as this, the girl's boyfriend procedes to kick his ass.

Our protagonist implores us,

"Forget your life sucks, just for a little while...You've got the whole world on a string, and everything that's happening is yours for one day only, March 5th was made for you."

I feel better now, do you?

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