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Hello nodegel,

Latest news from the podpeople: We've just spliced up a new episode of the Everything2 Podcast, compiled by Oolong and guest-hosted by yours truly.

If your innermost desire is to hear any of these lovely nodes read by any of these lovely noders....

Me and Sue and Ricky and God, written by DonJaime and read by Bitriot
Renee was a Princess and Schrodinger's Girlfriend read by Junkill
Wisenheimer by e2reneta, read by Oolong
River Titan Bokamba, written and read by y.t.
Sex, Grandmothers, and Videotape by museman, read by ChristineWinter
Some Advice on Being a Man, Courtesy Grandpa by vonCube, read by Jet-Poop

... then you're in luck! Satisfaction is just a download away: E2 Podcast Season 5 Episode 3

And remember, like a delicate koala The E2 Podcast survives and thrives on only one specialized food: your audio submissions. So please do bust out any old cruddy headset mic you have laying about, plug it into a computer w/ Audacity installed, and then send your reading on to Oolong for the next episode. (Oo tells me that we've already received our first mp3 for next time. RAWK.)


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