The world is on fire. Let's rap.

Adult humans. Throwing tantrums. All over the place. Mental health alert. Shit is out of control. Can't put a bandage. On a gaping head wound. Just makes no sense. Systemic problems. Oatmeal. Soup. Eating different things. People. And then they are out. Out in the world. What are they doing? What is their agenda? How can we know? Can we ever truly know. This guy on the bus. He might have plans for you. He's watching you. Gonna fuck you up. Real bad. No one will do anything. Leave you there. Pool of blood. Sea shanties. People in bars. Throwing up. In the bathroom. We've seen this show before. Cable television.

Penis. Grows on vines. No. It does not. That is misinformation. You'll listen anyway. You'll say two sides. Two sides in the issue. In the issue of whether penises grow on vines. Crazy vines. Up the side of the house. Not a single penis. Figure it out.

Where do you live? Does your house have a name? Some people name their houses. They call their house "Billingsgate." Something like that. What an ego thing. A true ego thing.

You go to the mall. You go to the GAP. You get followed around by a creepy dude. He won't go away. Even when you are trying on jeans. What do you do? Think about it. What if you are alone? What if he comes in the changing room (needs to be noded) with you? Think it through. In the bathroom. Right now. Go in there. Sit on toilet. Pull slacks down. Bunny pajamas. Light jazz on the stereo. Hi-fi. Grooving out. San Francisco.

You've got to take it down the straight and narrow. The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. Take your car up there. Ain't abandoned. Operating bridge. You can handle it. Drive your car across it. Noodle salad on your lap. Eating it. Small dog. Seat next to you. Crash into wall. Dead as a doornail. Stupid twit.

Horrors. Everywhere are horrors. Numb to the experience. People. They're losing it. Naked in the streets. Guns. Scrotums the size of Equador. Swollen from disease. Misuse. Lack of hygiene. Make a plan. Clean yourself up. Going to be a long fight. Put another log on the fire. Daddy's home. He wants you to sit on his lap. You know where that leads. One day he will die. You will turn to vodka. Not from Russia. From other places. No Russia. Fuck Russia. Stay on target.

I love you. I hope you come. Bring a friend. He can come to. Thanks. 

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