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Chris and I are expecting. We have joined the ranks of those noders who met on E2, started dating, got married and now will spawn. We're very excited about it, and today was the day we alerted our families - although my parents are apparently out boozing it up with friends from church so they will be the last to know it seems.

Now if only I can get over my elevated fears of being mugged...all will be well.


Edit: Apparently my parents went to some sort of Pink Floyd tribute concert at the Maryland Theatre performed by The Machine. They were partially deaf but seemed to be excited regardless of only half hearing me.

I do recall always enjoying the relative safety of the day log as one can scarcely fault a person for having a monotonous, dull life full of seemingly endless tedium. However, the above entry seems rather exciting and so I'm sad to add this bit of smallness to the database. I can't quite think of another way to dip my "toes" in, though. Always hesitant to try the fact, as with the rest of my text it seems to fall a little short. I've attempted to post several nodes over the past few years and always cancel prior to submission. Sparing the world monotony - one node entry at a time.

And then it was today. This evening, now, I suppose. I am quietly sipping a hot lemon flavoured cold-drink to perhaps alleviate a small bit of the congestion in my muddled head. Sometimes I am forced to wonder if I might escape even one of the rhinocerii illnesses that seem to invade my body so readily. Apparently not, my brain whispers quietly. Shh.. you're talking to yourself again. About large land mammals, no less.

Clearly I've yet to leave this place. I adore it here. I've formed many relationships through this small corner of the world and can't quite wrap my head around the fact that my current life seems completely devoid of all of these people I so dearly love. Attempting to forget those I have loved and lost and will likely never have any contact with again, as it is sometimes too painful for my little head. I wonder if they have all forgotten me and it is a terribly sad thought I try to push down into my stomach. I simply don't have the internet access I once did. It leaves one utterly disconnected. I've never been one for letter writing as my hand quickly tires and my brain along with it. Regardless - I would like to briefly update those who have not forgotten that I do exist, in some ways.

I am currently in love with a number of small creatures with whom I spend large amounts of time. All of my free time, really. I am an aunt now, yes, an aunt. The little ones. They cling to me and I to them as though they were my own, at times. This is the sort of limitless love that leaves one desperate to see a little face again. The sort that makes you ramble idiotically into your cell phone on your lunch break to the little fool on the other end. The one you know is waving at a telephone, not yet able to comprehend the limitations of the average telephone system. They are learning to speak now, and I am learning about tiny tickle monsters and baby parrots.

Also I suppose it turns out I really do care a little. I work for an organization called CCAC - short for Community Care Access Centre. An ontario-based health care group that provides a multitude of services to those in need throughout the province. I can say now that I love my job, though I don't suppose it is the one I would like for all time. I still feel I'd really prefer to be teaching and so I will pursue that particular goal some time in the next year or two.

There are many other small things and other slightly larger things. It is late now, though, and so I'll perhaps end this rambling note to no one in particular. I hope to write again some day. Some of you probably hope I will not. I love you all, though, really. Teach your children to say "peace, dude". Later on in life they will thank you for it, maybe. At the very least it will make you laugh now.

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