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Well, the unfortunate news is that the women of Canada don't seem too receptive to my master plan so I'm going to have to go on a murderous rampage... Or pay someone else to do it... Or just get over it.

Though I have lots of practice killing 500 million people (499.999 million now that Ocelot_bob has moved out) with Grand Theft Auto, I don't think I have enough HP and I don't think there's enough health boxes littered around California.

In other news, at work we're currently having the Biggest Sale of the Year!

I know, I know, it's hard to beleive that something like that actually is the biggest sale of the year, but in this case it's almost true.

Since everyone buys on Boxing Day, we don't have to mark down our prices. But in mid-february, our slowest month of the year, everyone drives 40 miles just to get the lowest prices.

In conclusion, if you have a deep-rooted need to purchase Furniture, get down to your nearest retail outlet and I'm sure they'll have a sale on to compete with us. At least, in Canada. I don't know if the buying mood is the same in the US of A.

I mailed about 22 postcards yesterday to everything2ians. Sounds like fun for the whole family.

But it's not.*

I am still trying to get my Flight School paid for. Raising $10-40K is not easy, and loans don't cut it when you have zero credit and no loan collateral.

Unfortunately for me, my dream profession will have to wait because an investor's money is completely dependant on my performance as a pilot. If a break an arm - woosh! all the money is gone. I was thinking of starting a trust fund or something. But it seems all so selfish.

Then I got to thinking - what if people beleived in me, and sent me money. Then I sent them their money back plus interest, so a basic investment. But then, using my newfound moneys as a pilot, I would set up a few trust funds for other would-be pilots. I don't know how "easy" it is to set up a trust fund, or if it's possible, or what have you... But if it is too much of a hassle I think I'll start up a Charity or something. I don't know.

But you read it here first on Everything2. I haven't even told my Girlfriend yet.

*: It's not fun for the whole family, but it still is fun.

P.S.: I dyed my hair a few days ago. It is now it's regular brown with a heavy set of Blonde Hilights. I think I look like... I dunno... Brad Pitt or something. I remind me of someone. grr! who is it?!

I'm a 23-year-old male and it's my first ever hair-dying experience. Nothing quite like changing your appearance to give you a different step in life.
Booted to Win2K from Mandrake and got to work on specs and other things for the new paragliders for the website.
Cold outside, fed the woodstove, fed the cats, fed myself a bagel and brie. Logged into the shop's mailserver and answered a few things, sent a few things. Work was starting to cook, in the groove.

12:00 or so called U on her cell, and she answered, since she was up on a ridge and had the phone on. We had a really nice re-connect, and I felt so much better. The fact that we both care so much about these things tells me that it really is love. Love as in deep caring, deep commitment, deep feelings of all kinds.

Got one wing page finished and others started, so showered and did a run down to the hardware store for chain, cordage, and misc electrical doodads for the webcam install this weekend and duties for the Catalog Liberation Front (CLF) at the post office. Was moving quickly to be ahead of the School Bus drop-offs that start mid-afternoon and screw up traffic on the main drag. Of course, I got blocked in by a bus dropping off high-school kids in front of the hardware store. Oh well.

There's a kind of special time on weekdays between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM when it's great to do things like hardware store and grocery runs. All the kids are in school, most adults are at work, and only the retired folks are out and about. You can hit the stores with little or no crowds and the employees welcome the distraction of a non-needy customer. Back when I worked part-time and weekends I took it for granted; now that I have a more normal work sched, I appreciate it greatly

Spent some time outside, restocking the porch wood rack and putting the tarps back on the stacked wood, since rain/snow was forecast for after midnight. We really need some moisture here in the San Bernardinos.

Got back to the website stuff, and emails, and the news websites. Had a productive afternoon. Was really getting into it and realized that the shop had to be pretty much empty, since it was after 5:00. This telecommuting stuff demands that one keep perspective, like being aware that when the In-laws call us from London in the morning that they're preparing dinner.

Was still working when U called from the field, and we had another nice communication session whhile whe was waiting for the pasta to cook. I was heating left-over pasta, so that was fun. We talked about positive things, coming changes, and so on.

I finished up some things and published pages for two more paragliders to the website before she called as she went to bed. We had a nice conversation. Real nice.

Would have gone to bed a while ago, but writing this log has kept me up. TTFN.

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