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The FVZA is probably the greatest use of American tax dollars to ever be devised. The sad thing is, like so many other services our government provides, the ongoing protection of the FVZA is largely overlooked by the public. Perhaps there has never been a Zombie outbreak in your hometown yet; but believe me, when your friends and neighbors become undead and try to feed on your bone marrow and brains, you will be ever thankful for the team of FVZA agents who eradicate the menace.

The FVZA is in constant search of a cure for the Zombie Virus as well as for a vaccine to cure Vampire Infection. They have a wealth of information on the subjects at their website www.fvza.org

At their website you can also learn the best ways to defend yourself against the undead, the habits of vampires and zombies, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. It is important to educate oneself about his enemies. At the FVZA website or at their many locations around the country, you can be instructed in defensive measures against an attack, including the Mantis technique for fending off groups of Zombies.

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