I prefer to react and communicate with my eyes, with hands, than with sound. I know some people like to make a lot of noise, but I would rather stroke her cheek with my fingers, or look deep into her eyes, than to make sounds. Well, of course I can't imagine having a quiet orgasm. I would not know how to communicate with sound, what I could communicate by alternating between a loving caress, a wild claw, an absorbed grip... with sound, I could express, "this feels amazing," but what moan or cry expresses, "I want you to feel amazing?"

At some points, anything at all would be nice. I used to date a young lass who would drag me into the bedroom, but then she'd just lie there, silent, and not even moving. To think she got offended when I checked her for a pulse one evening...

Feedback during sex is annoying. You really need to move that guitar further away from the amplifier. What are you doing, having sex or recreating a Sonic Youth concert?

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