This is a sentiment felt by some, and mocked by many. In my experience, it seems that almost all teenage girls suffer from an overwhelming sadness when they see, for example, a lone potato sitting in the serving bowl. No matter how full you are, if you suffer from this most annoying of weaknesses, you cannot leave it there. You will pick the poor blighter out of its solitude, put it on your plate, where it already begins to look much happier, cut it up, and cram it into your mouth. Of course, this problem does not only apply where potatoes are concerned. Carrots, baked beans, chips, broccoli - any food can have the same effect.

I can only speak for myself when I try to define the motivation behind this desire to leave only empty dishes. I feel terribly sad when I see loneliness and solitude. I feel some kind of empathy with a poor, neglected, lonely, cold thing which nobody wants. Adding to this feeling is the fact that the last serving left in the dish is often the least attractive - the runt. It is surely a natural emotion to pity the underdog?

This is why I always walk away from dinner feeling ridiculously full. But still, I'd rather that than let a kindred spirit of mine be thrown into the bin.

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