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Type: SRV-14-A (Special Reconnaissance Virtuaroid) Height: 14.8m Weight: 6.84t Max. Gross Weight: 13.7t Max. Power Output: 4380kw

Left - Bow Gun
Fires two bow shots at the opponent. Does not home, but does significant damage when Fei-Yen is hyper (quite obvious and annoying to play against). Travels quickly.

Right - Hand Beam
Fires a series of sphere-like projectiles. They do paltry damage, but there is a lot of them. They travel relatively slowly and do not home. A bad weapon for anything but covering fire.

Both - Heart Beam
Fires a giant heart that does a lot of damage if it hits. On the ground, she spins twice and lets the homing weapon loose, giving players an excellent opportunity to attack. Works better in the air, but it is very easy to dodge because it makes a bubbly noise before it shoots and does less damage.

A very quick mech with poor armor. More aerial than ground based, I never use this mech. I feel it as the ubiquitous "female" player (in a robot game?!?) in all Japanese games, despite the fact that any skilled player can smash this mech to bits fairly quickly with Temjin, Viper II or Apharmd, people still use this one. Dunno why.

Use the speed to your advantage. The "hyper" mode helps immensely because it multiplies the damage done. She is actually not too bad of a melee fighter, having the fastest sword draw attack in the game save Temjin's rifle poke. But the sword is weak (I call it the toothpick), and since armor is weak, one hit and you're screwed (especially against Apharmd). That's all I have to say about this one. If you're use Fei-Yen on a regular basis and you feel she deserves a better look, feel free to post it here.

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