A phrase used to indicate ignorance of a nearly-criminal nature. The first usage I have heard was by the character of police office Jim Brass on the CBS television show C.S.I..

An example of someone who could be defined as felony stupid was related to me recently. A co-worker of my brother-in-law is presently in the intensive care unit of a local hospital. It seems that he spent an evening getting drunk and then decided to play with his pet rattlesnake. The snake, being true to its nature, bit him. While he was putting the snake back in its cage, his other rattlesnake also got into the act and bit him. By the time both snakes were safely in their cage, the man had been bitten seven times.

The obvious questions that arise from such an action are as follows:

1. What kind of idiot owns a rattlesnake as a pet?
2. Do you have to be twice the idiot to own TWO rattlesnakes?
3. If drinking and driving is a crime and generally unsafe, doesn't drinking and handling poisonous reptiles seem even more of a problem?

The man is currently undergoing treatment and his outlook is touch-and-go. No matter the outcome, he is definitely a textbook case of felony stupid.

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