There is so much innuendo for the male erection, but no one ever talks about clitoral erections or any bizarre euphemisms for them. And while it can be fun to say clitoral erection, it tends to turn a few heads (no pun intended).

A female hard-on can be used in two contexts.

  1. Literally - Judy has a female hard-on. She's aroused. She's so horny, you could prod a hole in a penny with her. (Yes, I am aware that the third sentence was figurative, but it was used in a sexual nature)
  2. Figuratively - Judy has a hard-on for H.P. Lovecraft. And she actually believes that the Necronomicon is REAL!

Either way, poor Judy, either too aroused or too ignorant for her own good.

BTW, thank you for one of the particularly insulting softlinks listed below.

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