A middle-school (serving 6th, 7th, and 8th grades) located at 1915 North-East 33rd Avenue in Portland Oregon. It is almost kitty-corner from Grant High School where the majority of Fernwood students go after completing middle school. Most of Fernwood's students are drawn from the Hollyrood, Irvington, and Laurelhurst elementary schools.

Fernwood is also directly across the street from a Kienow's grocery store — a temptation almost too great considering that students are not allowed to leave the campus at all during school hours (including lunch).

The present school is comprised of an old classical building with an attached "modern" brick building -- kind of stylish looking in an experimental way, and a lot prettier than many schools built all at once.

Sixth-graders at Fernwood get to attend a five-day program in the spring called "outdoor school" where they learn about the natural world.

When I attended the "in" items were Levi jackets, MTV buttons, "Screaming for Vengeance" Judas Priest tee-shirts, Garfield books, and proficiency at Pac-Man — although these are kind of a cross sampling, few would see a Judas Priest loving rocker flipping through "Garfield At Large" — "Oh, man as much as I love Priest, that Odie just kills me!"

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