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Just something random that turns out pretty well.

mushrooms; any with large, round caps.
goat cheese
fresh basil
fettachini / angel hair / spagetti
spinach/veggies to taste
olive oil

0. You can do this in an oven and skip the rest of this; usually I'm too impatient to use the oven. If you use the below to fry them; remember that we're frying one side of the mushrooms (the cut-open inside), stuffing them, and then frying the outside.
1. uncap mushrooms, fry top in olive oil. Concurrent to this, gently fry spinach with garlic, rosemary, sage.
2. pull mushrooms off when tops are done. pull spinach off when it's thinking about becoming paste, but not really committed to it.
3. stuff mushrooms with spinach thingie, goat cheese, basil, and oregano. cap 'em, toss them back in the oil; top with parmesan or some strong italian-type cheese; add veggies if you so choose. (Most mushrooms by now are yielding a large amount of water; it makes a nice sauce to cook veggies in.)
4. serve on pasta; prob. angel hair tossed with some pesto & basil.
5. drink a lot of red wine before eating; this one is kind of hit-and-miss. I recommend a malbec.

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