A purple skunk-morph on Tiny Toon Adventures. Fifi la Fume is Pepe le Pew's counterpart, a skunkette who exudes sexuality and a foul odor as well. Much has been written about Fifi la Fume, and many toonphiles have been obsessed over her. Probably because of that incredibly fluffy tail. Wouldn't it be nice to be wrapped up within it? Well, you'd have to be wearing a gasmask, unless you're one of those weirdos that actually likes the smell of skunk musk. Fifi has been known to control her odor, however, and allow certain characters to get close.

Fifi didn't appear in the show all that often; she was not a primary character. Much to the annoyance of her drooling fanboys, she tended to appear mostly in bit parts and as a stand in. They loved her anyway, though, especially her line "Au Revoir, mon petite potato du couch!" (roughly translated: Goodbye, my little couch potato!)

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