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I was thinking that the people here were very insistent on selling their wares (cheap sunglasses, watches, the like) when it was rightly pointed out to me that there are just a lot of them, so I was thinking is their some kind of, overall, hive mind sort of thing going on, controlling them all, gathering information on who buys lots of stuff at small insistence, coordinating their "attacks" (as it were) for maximum profit.

Then I thought,

"Is that racist? I don't even know anymore" but I realised that I wasn't really generalising a race based on a few people, because Philippino (Filipino?) vendors don't really count as a race, do they, more of a subset of a race perhaps?

But wait,

if they do have a collective mind, that would certainly different form the actual Filipino people, and therefore they would be their own race, but to point out an actual feature of a race isn't really racism, is it? It's like saying that someone pointing out that white people have white skin is racist, and I don't really think that is. Although a group of people with a hive mind would certainly be different enough to classify as a different species to humans wouldn't it? That stupid lady's blowing smoke right in my face. I don't mind people smoking in cafe's of whatever, I just hate the taste of smoke, and it's kind of rude even if I did like the taste you know?

Where's my damn sandwich.

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