The twelfth song on Living Colour's second album, Time's Up, Fight the Fight is a heavy, funky romp regarding prejudice in America. It addresses the subject from the viewpoint of the many oppressed peoples however, refusing to concentrate on just one group of people. It would be easy to say, after reading the lyrics, that "I" is meant to represent the black man in America. I'd say, rather, that the "I" of the song, the character, is a human, with no other qualifiers. Who, then, is "you?" That is not a question, I believe, that could or should be answered in this forum. The basic, one line point of this song is "We're all in it together."

There is a great live version of this song on the video, Time Tunnel. It's recorded in CBGB's, right after the band got off tour with the Rolling Stones, and Scott Ian of Anthrax is very clearly in the audience.

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