Typically called arnis, eskrima, or kali, these arts focus primarily on fighting with sticks and blades. These forms are traditionally taught with the blade in mind, but in places where swords are not commonplace (such as the US), the stick and knife applications are emphasized.

When using these styles, the player will often wield two weapons (one in each hand). Common combinations are two swords, two sticks, or a knife and a stick. The defining characteristics of these arts are their flowing patterns of attack and fast-moving drills.

Rajah Lapulapu and his followers employed these very arts when they killed spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his conquistadors in 1521.

Dan Inosonto and Angel Cabales are widely credited with introducing these arts to "the West." In contrast to martial arts like karate, these arts are almost never taught publically. The instructors prefer to work with very small groups in private places.

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