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Give me something new. Fill my head with... anything. Everything. Something entertaining, at least.

Throw eighty pieces of information at me. Overwhelm me. Let me sift through it all and feel like I have some control over how important it becomes to me.

Give me broadband. Wireless. Hope.

Show me headlines with links that say "More..." Use symbols to tell me if I'm coming or going. Have I been here before? Should I have been? Tell me, little half-arrows.

Give me five e-mail accounts. Give me a full inbox. Talk to me. Tell me.

Give me human interaction with a friendly user interface.

Only humans would use the machines we've built to find some kind of connection with each other. Not that it's real, but it suffices.

Give me 500 channels on TV and a cast of Friends who never say the wrong thing. Give me radio and DVD and MP3 downloads. Amuse me.

Let me right-click on everything I see. Give me a menu with options. Let me open you in a new window.

There's still empty space in my brain. Fill it. Please?

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