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The second album of Final Fantasy vocal music (the first being Pray). Nobuo Uematsu and Risa Ohki strike again, this time with Ikuko Noguchi providing additional vocals. This album isn't quite as good as Pray. That's not to say that the album is bad, it's just MUCH lighter than most fans will expect. Several of the tracks still stand out, especially "Relm's Theme" and "Love Will Grow".

1. Long Distance - Main Theme from FF4
2. Yuukyuu no Kaze - from FF3
3. Have You Ever Seen Me? - from FF3
4. Valse des Amoureux
5. GAIA - Main Theme From FF1
6. Tooihino Nagori - from FF5
7. Harukanaru Kokyou - "Home Sweet Home" from FF5
8. Estrelas - "Melody of Lute" from FF4
9. Kami no Yurikago - "Relm's Theme" from FF6
10. Love Will Grow - from FF2
11. Prelude

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