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Final Fantasy Anthology (typically acronymized FFA) wasn't really a game by itself, but a PlayStation re-release of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI together, both games originally for the SNES. FFA also included a really crappy music CD that had some of the lamest songs from either of the two games collected on it -- supposedly, Square held an online poll so that fans of the series could select the tracks they wanted to go onto it. However, Square seemed to have completely ignored the results of the polls, and we got Pirates Ahoy! instead of Battle with Gilgamesh...

Pros Of FFA (over the SNES cartridges):

Cons Of FFA:

  • Battle sequences load very slowly compared to the original SNES versions.
  • As mentioned above, the music CD packaged with the game sucks.
  • FFV's translation really bites compared to the fan translation; so much so that various people I know who have played FFV Anthology complained about it -- people who haven't played the unofficial FFV translation. Yes, it is quite bad.

But, if you miss the good old days of chopping helpless monsters into a fine paste with Edgar and his trusty chain saw, or have never really gotten into the 3d PlayStation Final Fantasy games (see FFs 7, 8 and 9}, give FFA a whirl.

Rated T for Teen (mild animated violence, comic mischief). Released October 5, 1999. Developed and published by Squaresoft. 1-2 players (both games).

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