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Name: Final Fantasy Chronicles
Developer: Square
Platform: PlayStation

Released on June 29th, 2000, this special American only compilation includes two popular Super Nintendo RPGs; Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy IV, both of which had previously been re-released on the PlayStation in Japan.

Square fans who were disappointed by the lack of FF4 in Final Fantasy Anthology (10/5/1999) will be glad to have not only that, but also the PlayStation port of Chrono Trigger. Both games remain nearly the same graphically and sonically, however many new goodies are available, including access to a beastiary and music test after having beaten the respective game.

FF Chronicles is much the result of fan requests for Square to release these two oldies for the PlayStation, as they had done in Japan for each of the SNES FF games. FF Chronicles wast first unveiled at the 2001 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Early versions of it allegedly had a somewhat defective FF4 disc, but clearly it has not been a serious issue.

The games are both subjected to considerable load times, most noticeably in the battles for Chrono Trigger. Those used to the cart version may find this somewhat disconcerting. If you happen to have a PlayStation 2, it is recommended you play FF Chronicles with the fast loading option enabled.

FF Chronicles consists of 2 discs, one for each game, and retails for a suggested MSRP or $39.95 USD. No Japanese or European release is planned.

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