finger eleven, as well as the name of the band, is also the title of their third-release album, under their label Wind-Up.

As produced by Johnny K, this June 17th, 2003 release contains twelve brand new tracks, in their familiar Canadian rock style. With their first single release, "Good Times", it would be clear finger eleven had spent the near two and a half years creating this album to build something new for themselves.

Front and back, the artwork of band member James Black (guitarist) decorates the liner notes and the covers of the album. As well contained is a bonus free DVD, which has hours of live performances (from a concert in Buffalo, New York) of songs old and new, and behind-the-scenes footage from in the studio, and the Good Times music video. Here is the track listing for the album:

  1. Other Light
  2. Complicated Questions
  3. Stay In Shadow
  4. Good Times
  5. Absent Elements
  6. Thousand Mile Wish
  7. Conversations
  8. The Last Scene of Struggling
  9. Panic Attack
  10. Therapy
  11. One Thing
  12. Obvious Heart

Though now their style has changed slightly -- now writing slower, acoustic love-oriented songs such as Thousand Mile Wish -- they're still creating the same great hard rock songs (like The Last Scene of Struggling and Panic Attack) that the fans have enjoyed since the 1998 debut release, Tip.

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