Finland produces lots of small and crappy games those are fun for a while, yet each and every one of them is a collectible you just CANT delete! For example Ryssän Kauhu, Oikeutta Eläimille, Terrorist In National Park, and Åkesoft productions. One of the best such games is Tapan Kaikki, which has the main essences of finnish gamemaking: If someone gets hit, lots of blood flies and if something gets hit, lots of debris fly. Generally, finnish game that takes over one disc of space must be quite good.

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Introductionish content

Finns produce a lot of games. Fortunately, usually only the best end up in commercial distribution; the "less serious" games are often freeware or shareware...

Feel free to /msg me about these if you have additions =) Games marked with * are not yet there, but will be added...

(Good overviews of current game houses

Finnish Game Houses And Groups

Other companies loosely related to games

Game media


Commercial games


"Analog games"

Well, not all games are fortunately computer-based, knowing that Finland used to have some reputation as a good sports country...

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