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By 1999, Kool Keith was sick of being unable to get away from his association with the immensely successful Dr. Octagon project. Keith needed to set the record straight that the Octagon persona was over. He accomplishes this by having his new persona, Dr. Dooom, slay Octagon in the first thirty-seven seconds of First Come, First Served. "Take two of these and call me in the motherfuckin' morning," Dooom states as he blasts Octagon with a double-barreled shotgun.

Those words set the pace for the album. Unlike the incompetent yet kindly Octagon, Dr. Dooom is a vicious, cannibalistic serial killer, stalking the slums, looking for prey. Despite this, Dooom has a special place in his heart for the ghetto, the place where he grew up munching on Flintstones vitamins and Apple Jacks. The lyrics alternate between sick descriptions of extreme violence and nostalgia for the Bronx of the 70s and 80s.

The music itself is not up to Octagon's high standard, but is more than servicable. Kutmasta Kurt is behind the boards, and does a great job at creating a dark fantasy of beats and synths. Keith's lyrics are among his best, fanstically expressing Dooom's obsessions with body parts and fast food, especially on the great "Neighbors Next Door" and "Welfare Love". Recommended.

Dr. Dooom
First Come, First Served

  1. Who Killed Dr. Octagon?
  2. No Chorus
  3. Apartment 223
  4. Mr. Ratt
  5. Neighbors Next Door
  6. I Run Rap
  7. You Live at Home with Your Mom
  8. Housing Authority
  9. Wild Kingdom
  10. Welfare Love
  11. Dr. Dooom's in the Room
  12. Call the Cops
  13. Brothers Feel Fly
  14. Side Line
  15. Bitch Gets No Love
  16. Shopping List
  17. Body Bag
  18. Mental Case
  19. Leave Me Alone
  20. Live / Bald-Headed Girl

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