should you, or shouldn't you?

that is always the question. it was your first date, and this guy turned out to actually be pretty cool. he's walked you to your front door, and stands there fidgeting with his watch.

he stares at you a little, unsure as what to do. it occurs to you that he's a little shy about these things. but you're not. to keep it safe, you hug him.

as the hug is released, he gathers up all of his courage, and kisses you...

on the cheek. you're feeling pretty ripped off. you're an experienced woman of the world, and you'd hoped he'd had the guts to kiss you.

throwing caution to the wind, you manage to slip your cheek away from his lips, and aim them at yours. at which point you're rewarded with a little hard peck. no, not a little hard pecker or anything of the sort, but rather the kind of kiss you give your grandmother.

so now what? either he's a wimp, or you've found that actual chivalrous gentleman.

closing the door, you hope he calls you, 'cause you really want another chance.

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