A comic series, made television Anime series, made Anime film, made live action film.
Created By Buronson and Tesuo Hara
One of the funniest dang Anime films I've had the pleasure to see.

Set in Mad Max land, it basically follows the same pattern as a Beat-Em-Up.
The premise: Kenshiro gets pissed off because his girlfriend gets kidnapped by his half brother Shin, so he kick's ass to get to Shin - but it's too late his girl has been kidnapped once again, this time by Raoh (Ken's brother).

Anyway, well recommended.

32-book manga, although the plot basically died off and got repetitive after the first 10 books or so. Suposedly the author ended the series several times but came back to write more episodes because it was lucrative to do so, sort of like what happened in later episodes of dragonball z where basically another stronger villain would come along and the hero would lose for a little while and then get stronger and defeat the villian, only to have another stronger villain come along...

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