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Five o'Clock People are a Christian band rumored to be from Gresham, Oregon. They are:
Although their music is generally described as alternative, the style is definitely unique. The mix of violin, mandolin, accordian and three vocalists is not one often found.

The band self-released four albums prior to signing with producer Joe Chicarelli of Pamplin. Their released albums are as follows:

The song titles on their self-titled album are the following:
  1. Cold Coffee
  2. Living Water
  3. Angry Rant
  4. Falling
  5. House of God
  6. Now I Sing
  7. Railroad Tracks
  8. Deep Deep
  9. Big Fat Horse


the album liner for The Nothing Venture

I just wanted to clarify a couple of the notes in the Five O'Clock People write up. They have never been from Gresham Oregon. Technically speaking they are from the west side of Portland, Oregon. They originated in Newberg, Oregon.

Joe Chicarelli was not of Pamplin music. He is a world famous freelance music producer who has done albums from U2, the White Stripes and Frank Zappa. Five O'Clock People got Pamplin to pay for him to record the album.

Five O'Clock People also released a new album on February 8, 2008 called Temper Temper on OutGo Records.

I just thought you would like to know this.

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