Sometimes on a record, be it new or old, one finds a particular point on a particular groove which causes a slight disturbance in the performance: the song begins to skip, playing the same three (well, more like two. the exact figure is 1800 ms, says yerricde) seconds over and over again as the needle bobs helplessly up and down, not advancing along the record at all. This can be fixed, once and for all.

Play the record and hold the needle as it moves down the grooves. This will take practice, because you must hold it loose enough so that you don't actually slow it down or stop it, and tight enough so that it will keep going when it reaches the odious location that you're trying to rid your record from. Learn exactly where the skip is, so that you know when it's coming. Then, as you reach it, continue to move the needle at the speed it was going, against the skip which tries not to let the needle pass. If the skip really doesn't let the needle pass, try again but press the needle down a bit, and a bit more if it still doesn't get through.

Once the needle gets through, and you've heard the song play through the skip without stopping and repeating itself over and over again, put the needle back to the start of the song and listen to it up to the skip. It might pass the skip effortlessly, like a good needle should, or it might still skip. If it does continue to skip, repeat the lead-the-needle-by-the-hand process again. If it still skips after doing the process a few times, try pressing the needle a bit harder down.

Eventually, the skip should completely disappear apart from a slight pop in the background (a huge improvement if you ask me).

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