The first thing to do when a cell phone falls into the water is to turn it off immediately and remove the battery. Take the battery off as soon as possible.

If you manage to get it out of the water soon enough it the cell phone might dry out by itself. Try turning it back on after a few hours. If it still does not work, the repair will be more tricky.

The "warranty void if removed" sticker will first need to be removed, voiding the warranty. Only do this if you don't mind voiding the warranty.

Remove the typically four or six screws holding the phone together. Often these screws will actually be battery contacts or other such features. Use your ingenuity to remove these screws.

Separate the two parts of the phone, and remove the PCB from the housing. You'll probably notice some greyish dried crud on the PCB. This crud will be minerals that came from the water, and the crud is what will prevent the cell phone from working.

Use some isopropyl alcohol to wash away the crud, and use compressed air to blow out any alcohol from underneath the electronic components. Finally, take a heat gun, set at around 150 to 300 degrees (F), to evaporate any remaining alcohol.

Finally, reassemble your phone in the reverse order and try it out. It worked for me!

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