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One of the Quintessential techo/electronica/whathaveyou anthems that has appeared as of late. Written by the Venerable Brian Tanseau and engraved on his album ESCM, Track Number 3.

Now, IANAR (I am not a raver), but I feel this is one of the most potetent little electronic pieces around, and surely qualifies for the term 'epic'. It's not Eno or Oakenfold, but I think that's a good thing -- not trying to define work through similar work.

Flaming June is the most famous painting by the Victorian artist Lord Leighton (Frederick Leighton, 1830-1896), painted about 1895. This image is now everywhere.

It depicts a young woman in vivid orange flowing robes reclining on a couch or bed, her head folded into her arms, one leg curled under her and just touching the ground.

On the shelf behind her is, I think, a pineapple.

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