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Originally named for the Minnesota author whose bequest made possible its creation in 1974, the Grace H. Flandrau Planetarium was renamed the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium in 1991. The Center is located on the University of Arizona campus in Tucson at 1601 East University Boulevard. Admission is $3 per adult, $2 more for planetarium shows.

The main level houses a variety of changing exhibits and hands-on activities, suitable for visitors of most ages. The Flandrau Science Center "promotes learning about science through programs and participatory exhibits that are both educational and entertaining".1

Flandrau also sponsors the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair each spring and publicizes the annual National Science and Technology Week.

The lower level is crammed full of the University of Arizona's Mineral Museum. Over fifteen thousand specimens are found there, including meteorites from around the world, gemstones, and locally important copper-containing ores.

Flandrau's observatory holds a 16 inch Cassegrain telescope which is available to the public Wednesday through Saturday evenings until 10 pm. Astronomy students are present to answer questions and point out interesting things in the sky.

In addition, a wide variety of planetarium and laser light shows are offered daily in the 50 foot projection dome featuring science and cultural topics; the science store displays for sale toys, puzzles, books, t-shirts and other items of scientific interest. School classes and other childrens' groups can reserve the planetarium or the center for field trips and programs can be designed to meet specific educational needs. Even birthday parties can be held there.

Flandrau is home to the FAA Aviation Education Resource Center (AERC) which provides information for teachers, students and the general public.

A recent advertising card reads in part "Explore the Universe...
*Hands-on Science Exhibits
*A Theater of Stars
*Laser Light Shows
*Education and Outreach
*Mineral Museum
*Public Observatory
*Special Events
*Astronomy and Science Store"

1. Flandrau mission statement
See also the Flandrau website at: http://www.flandrau.org

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