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Release Date: August 1987
Title: The Kilg%re
Writer: Mike Baron
Penciller: Jackson Guice
Inker: Larry Mahlstedt
Guest Stars: Tina McGee
Bad Guys: The Kilg%re

Cover: Jackson Guice

"It's the Kilg%re vs FLASH". In the background, a few people look on in horror as the Flash, looking like he's about to fall over, is menaced by all manner of nasty pointy machinery (the sort of stuff used by the dentist of your nightmares).

The comic

Wally, after getting a speeding ticket in his new Porsche, returns to his mansion on Long Island, and finds a note from Francis. She writes that it was a mistake to move in with Wally, and everything was moving too fast, so she has left. Rather than trying to contact her and work things out, he zips off to keep an appointment with Professor Schmitz at S.T.A.R. Labs in Utah.

Wally believes that S.T.A.R. Labs may be able to help him reach the speed of sound, which is currently eluding him. Professor Schmitz exposits that the lab is entirely run by computer, and a server (not a computer server - just a guy serving food, who really wants to be a dancer) in the cafeteria tells Flash about "the monster on the flats" that can only be seen when travelling at great speed. Flash is also introduced to Tina McGee, a nutritionist who got a grant from Harvard to study Flash's metabolism. They appear to be attracted to each other.

Flash is running time trials out in the desert when he sees a huge alien machine. He can only see it if he maintains speed, and as he circles it the machine runs some sort of scan on him and, with a bang, properly materialises. Flash returns to the lab, and the machine follows him, stopping outside and hiding itself behind an impenetrable steel dome. As they examine the dome it extends an appendage and takes Professor Schmitz' finger. Flash then notices that the dome is extending something towards the lab under the ground, and rushes into the lab to tell everyone to get out, but the door slams shut before anyone can leave, and they are all trapped.

In the lab, text starts to appear on a nearby computer screen, and communication is established with the thing that calls itself Kilg%re (which looks like a cheap Max Headroom knock-off), an "electro-mechano-organic intelligence" that requires "electro-life force" to survive. Kilg%re takes a dislike to humans, and electrocutes a security guard who is trying to call for help. Flash is unable to convince it to leave humans alone, and Kilg%re resolves to eliminate humans. Flash, drained by his time trials, blacks out.

Flash awakes ten hours later to the ministrations of Tina McGee, who explains that Kilg%re disappeared just after Flash blacked out. They look like they are about to kiss when the National Guard breaks open the door, which they have apparently been working on for a few hours. Nobody outside the lab has heard of the Kilg%re, although the dome outside the lab remains. There is speculation that Kilg%re found the environment too hostile and left, but Professor Schmitz believes it is a virus, and is living in the power grid.

As the Flash is running more trials, a helicopter lands with the news that Kilg%re made a broadcast threatening to eliminate all humans who have not left North America by a specified time. As a demonstration of its power, Kilg%re sends a nuclear missile to destroy Paterson, New Jersey, but it is apparently faulty and explodes in mid-air. National Security has requested Flash, Tina and Professor Schmitz to attend a meeting about the threat, as they are most experienced with Kilg%re. As the are getting in the car, Flash notices that Professor Schmitz' finger has been restored!

So-Bad-it's-Almost-Good Stuff

Flash, to the Kilg%re: "If you abuse our hospitality, bad luck will destroy you." Bad luck? Geez, Wally, go easy on the guy.

Stuff That Demonstrates That Wally is No Barry Allen

Let's see how Wally deals with his recent break up.

Tina: "I've got a grant from Harvard to study your metabolism."
Flash: "Maybe we can study each others."

Obviously, Wally is all broken up about Francis leaving him.


Flash's current top speed is just under the speed of sound.

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