He liked it best when they went to parties, where she'd flirt and smile and make everyone envious. She could work a crowd, and he loved knowing that she'd take him over any of them. She liked it best when he gave her attention, usually when they were in public or with company. He smiled at her and encouraged her and doted on her then.

He liked it best when she listened. When she nodded and smiled and listened to him tell her everything--from the most mundane detail to his biggest secrets. It felt good to get things off his chest, and it was easier than listening to her prattle on about this or that. She liked it best when he let her know his heart, even if it was only something small about his day at work or which football team he liked best. They were really communicating.

He liked it best when she'd run her fingernails over his scalp, burying her hands in his dishwater-blonde hair. She liked it best when he'd tilt his head back and say, "Damn baby, that feels good."

He liked it best that he could leave her, knowing she was used to taking care of herself. He could go back to his wife and kids and have a real family. He didn't have to pay her bills, or listen to her cry, or deal with her parents, or even call her if he didn't feel like it. She liked it best that he came to her, not to his wife but to her.

He liked it best when she'd put her mouth on him, her fingers working him from underneath while her tongue swirled and lapped. Man, she had a mouth like a Hoover. That was definitely what he liked best. She liked it best when he'd actually look her in the eyes and smile, even if she had to get on her knees to get it.

for etouffee, more or less

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