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If your server crashes in Boston and you are in Kansas, the best method to repair such a situation is to send in the flesh probes. These handy machines can be accessed via a large number of ways: the POTS or cellular network being the best. Once one has established communication with a flesh probe, various commands can be transmitted.

One of the most common commands usually follows as such: "press the pretty red button on the big black box with the blinky lights on it".

Dispite their high maintainence cost, food and housing costs and frequent unreliability, they can often save the day.

Cited from the movie The Fifth Element:

Father, by creating a little destruction, I am, in fact, encouraging life! So, in reality, you and I are in the same business!

Destroying a glass is one thing..killing people with the weapons you produce is quite another.

Let me reassure you Father..I will never kill more people in my entire life than religion has killed in the last 2000 years.

Zorg smiles, holds up the glass and takes a drink. Unfortunately, he chokes on the cherry. Unable to breathe, Zorg starts to panic.

(mocking) Where's the robot to pat your back?

Zorg falls, writhing, on his desk, inadvertently hitting buttons which trigger a slew of little mechanisms. They pop out all over the desk. True chaos reigns. Even a cage appears, holding a Souliman Aktapan, a fat multicolored beastie, PICASSO, who seems surprised to be out in daylight. He licks his half-dead master in thanks. Cornelius gets up and walks around the desk.Zorg motions for help.

Can I give you a hand?

Cornelius whacks him on the back. The cherry comes flying out. Zorg regains control of himself. GUARDS come running in.

You saved my life... So, I'm going to spare yours.
(to the GUARDS)
Throw him out!

You are a monster, Zorg!

I know...

As noted above, Cornelius acted as a flesh probe (albeit not a remote one) to remove the cherry from Zorg. The quote shows one more good point as well: Flesh probe technology is currently necessary due to the lack of robots capable of performing arbitrary tasks in a human-infested environment. One would hope that the need for flesh probes in the future will diminish.

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